Integrated learning with West African rhythm and music

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Today’s children grow up in a rapidly changing environment.  At school, countless facts, events and people demand their attention. It can be tough to make sense of everything, see connections. And to build the knowledge and skills needed for life in a complex world.

All this poses challenges for learning — and for teaching.

Sewa Education brings West African music, rhythm and culture to your school to create a multi-disciplinary learning experience. Through hands-on collective music-making with djembe drums and other percussion instruments, we create bridges across the curriculum. And explore powerful metaphors for communication, creativity and community.

Check out our programmes:

  • For students: tailor-made sessions during the school day. We engage classes in an enjoyable educational experience, linking West African music and rhythm to a range of school curriculum subjects — geography, history, physics, maths, social studies and more.
  • For teachers: energizing team-building, creativity and motivational workshops.
  • For children, parents and teachers: inspiring cultural and study trips to West Africa.